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Perth Zoo Show at Hillarys Boat Harbour

Photo credit to Perth Zoo ShowSo I was flicking through FB late yesterday evening looking for something fun to do with the Royals in the morning and I came across an event for Perth Zoo up at Hillarys Boat Harbour…kids activities, free shows and a couple of good session times, I thought I was onto a winner!

After an incredible amount of coercing I bundled the Royals into the car and went to fight for a car bay at Hillarys…never a good sign when the parking indicator says there are no bays available – so I mentally prepared myself for a slow hunt to find a bay. However I round the corner to see the car park and it’s quiet…super quiet, double checked my watch to make sure it wasn’t 6:30am by accident (we’d been up for a while). So we got ourselves some pimp parking – and the kids played on the play equipment to burn off some energy, whilst I begged them to hurry up so I could get a quick coffee before the show started.

Now let me just say…the other half is away training over the weekend so I’m rocking the solo parenting gig, and my eyes are firmly on the Royals as they can be a little bit unpredictable when excited – and you know where they put the Perth Zoo setup? In that new section, next to Dome…semi-in-front of Subway kind-of-area…which is really nice, but that area has no railings and requires seriously switched on parents watching their kids so they don’t run into the water.

Now there were a lot of parents and prams, toddlers and tired looking mummas in the crowd…and as the Zookeepers were busy setting up, one of the mums wandered over to get an update on the show. And she just happened to ask fairly loudly (as it was a bit windy) what sorts of animals are you guys showing today? The reply took me a bit by surprise – oh we haven’t got any live animals today. Ummm ok, aren’t you guys doing Perth Zoo Show though…I think most of the people there had come to see some type/species of animals you know, just saying.

So I had to break the news to the Royals that the Perth Zoo show was just stuffed animals (toys, not taxidermy specials) at which point the youngest threw a tantrum because animals were promised (my fault) and there were none to see or touch.

Unfortunately their interest in the show was immediately lost, and they turned their attention onto pestering me for ice-cream and treats…seriously! I was a bit annoyed as we had prime position half in the sun ready for the show…only to then be ploughing through oncoming prams carrying said upset Royal looking for the nearest quiet place to go and calm down.

Top tip…we stopped in a section away from the traffic and the Royals laid down on the boards and looked between the cracks into the ocean and apparently they saw more fish than the aquarium in the space of 2 minutes…which thankfully cheered them up immensely, but they still didn’t want to go back to the show.

I may possibly have promised to take them for Churro’s and then had to chase them down to keep up with the ensuing stampede for the door, but once we had a table by the window and unicorn babycinos were on the way…everything was calm again.

So we had a chat and I attempted to explain that sometimes things aren’t always what you think they are, and tried to help them to deal with their disappointment that they weren’t going to see or touch any live animals today but (diversion) instead we would go to multiple parks until their sugar highs had worn off and I had half a chance of getting them into bed tonight (winning)!

Anyways – long story short…the Perth Zoo Show has no live animals, it’s still entertaining (the bits of it I saw and the feedback from some other friends that went) but it just wasn’t quite what we had expected! There are still fun and interactive activities for the kids – testing out their super noses, stretching out their super long arms against a gibbons arm span, a low balance beam challenge and a few other things to peak their interest so if you do have plans to go, by all means still do – just don’t promise any animals (rookie mistake)!!! And please, please hold onto your kids – that area isn’t fenced and it was very busy with kids and prams earlier today, and the water is still a bit cold for a fully clothed dip!

Perth Zoo Show is on August 18 and 19 at Hillarys Boat Harbour from 11-3pm if you did want to go!

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend in this glorious sunshine! Love HRM

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