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Wrong Side of the Bed Day

So it’s Saturday morning and I think we might all have gotten out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. It wasn’t a particularly wakeful night, the day didn’t start at stupid-o’clock…but somehow we were all feeling a bit out of sorts.

I find the best cure for those kind of mornings – is to get out in nature if we can and just sit and soak up some sunshine, let the Royals run around like crazy people and just re-centre ourselves. So we packed the Royals into the car – grabbed a quick bite to eat at one of our favourite little café’s (Ryan John) for coffee and breakfast before heading to a nearby park.

My goodness that man has got the perfect combination of delicious coffee and fantastic burgers that cheer up almost every type of mood. Before you know it, we’re all running around together, laughing in the sunshine and talking about all the fun things we’re going to do for the rest of the day.

Call it a bit of a re-set if you will…I think that between the juggle of work and ground-hog day, plus a bit of extra emotions from the recent passing of my grandfather and the full moon (it’s a thing I tell you, that full moon seems to bring out the strange in the best of us) sometime we just have to stop!

I’ve read lots of posts lately of people/mumma friends and even dads struggling with the pressures of everyday life and getting a bit caught up in the everyday blur instead of slowing things down and appreciating the little things.

Today I’m grateful for happy kids, a loving hubby, strong coffee and breakfast that someone else made for a change. Don’t get me wrong I love making/creating/baking and whipping up a storm in the kitchen…but sometimes I need someone to do it for me too!

It should never be too hard to get out for a walk, a quick drive to the nearest park, drive through coffee and a sit in your car at the beach whilst it’s pouring rain – and just be…

However we all know it’s not that easy, some days it’s tough to get out of bed – there’s a great clip about a mum-zombie for you all to have a bit of a laugh. It’s not that bad in our house (ha ha ha I can say that coz I’m writing this) but I know some mornings when I’ve had broken sleep between sick/unsettled kids/teething/thrashing hubby – the morning is a write off before the sun has even come up. Those days – just bring me a coffee, my brain will reboot and we can all smile and get on with our days.

Hope you get some precious sleep tonight. Love HRM

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