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Winter by the Sea

So Facebook has been flashing up ads about Winter by the Sea activities at Hillarys Boat Harbour…a travelling farm, bouncy castle and jumping area, mini carnival ride and a giant blow up slide for kids, balloon animals and face painting. Well I thought that sounded like a fun morning out, and crossing all my fingers and toes that it was still early enough not to be busy yet?

Well I won the not-busy lottery, mainly because it was still so cold we all needed puffy jackets to save us from the freezing winds. So much so…the travelling animals had all slept in (actually I think we were just too early) and the slide/rides/jumping area was in a great spot next to the California Pizza Kitchen but not at all protected from the elements so the kids refused to get any closer! Spiderman was blowing up all sorts of balloon animals but the kids were cold and surprise surprise, they were hungry again. So we made a quick stop in at San Churros for their favourite treat and a break from the cold.

The menu has changed since we were last there and they have so many new fun options to try. The Royals shared a big plate of churros with strawberries and bananas, and we shared the churros with marshmallow fluff (not recommended unless you LOVE marshmallows and you’re prepared to eat your height and weight in slightly singed fluff) served on top of all the delicious churros. My apparent love of marshmallow was seriously tested…and I must admit we left most of it on the plate! The kids were so excited to have unicorn babychinos to help wash down their chocolate/churro treat…and my goodness I really could have done with a stiff drink by then, but had to settle for a more respectable hot drink to warm up my slightly frozen fingertips.

We all love going to San Churro and even though the service is a little slow because they’re busy, and probably a bit understaffed for the crazy tourists and parents with kids just needing to get out of the house at that hour…it was still a lovely warm break before heading home.

I know we’ll be back again soon, it’s such a good place to sit and drink a hot chocolate and watch the world go by out the windows… Maybe when I’ve forgotten how crazy the kids are going to be all afternoon after eating so much chocolate! Nothing wrong with a little treat every now and then, right…hang on I’m sure I said that yesterday too!x

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