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Easy Dinner – Leftovers

So I had an ingenious idea to try out this week…over cater on Monday and Tuesday night, then have leftovers for Wednesday because I’m SO over making multiple meals every evening and then hearing the complaining (omg the complaining)!!! So Monday evening we had marinated chicken legs oven baked with Chicken Karaage complete with Japanese dipping sauce (tip – the Royals prefer watered down soya sauce) served with fresh steamed vegies…plus a cup of frozen peas for nibbling, because kids! Don’t forget the yoghurt and frozen raspberries for the Royals either, because regardless of how much dinner they eat…there is always room for dessert!

Last night we had a thermomix recipe: Non-Fried Rice from Quirky Cooking…it’s so quick and easy and a tonne healthier than actually frying your rice – and it makes SOOOO much that there’s always leftovers anyway. I loaded it up with vege and diced chicken breast, threw in a handful of English spinach at the end and voila…20 minutes later it’s on the table.  You can cut and prep all the meat and vege beforehand and keep it in the fridge, then just tip it all into the varoma and you’re good to go. I stirred through a little sweet chilli sauce and some light soya sauce for a bit of extra umph at the end, but honestly the delicious coconut flavouring through the rice is almost perfect as it is!

So tonight – we had the leftovers of those two meals – plated up in “serve yourself centre of the table bowls” and there was barely a complaint. The youngest Royal even said “num” and that’s a huge achievement in this house! It also helps that they’re allowed to serve up their own food, and use the tongs to try and pick up the chicken legs (adult supervision recommended) but they were so proud of their efforts – and I can easily wipe the table/chair/floor clean later!

So my top tip for this week: why don’t you try it? Slightly bulk up your dinner ingredients for tomorrow and the next night – then have a night off…hopefully the family will eat in peace just once for you this week, otherwise I hear cheese toasties are quick and easy ha ha ha! Even if you only get it half right, it’s worth a try.

 **Photo credit to Quirky Cooking: my version looked almost this good – but the family devoured most of it before I got a pic, so no picture for you *snigger *Seinfeld reference, sorry!


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