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Meal Prep/Planning Welcome

I don’t know about you, but there gets a stage that you realise that you’re possibly solely responsible for feeding everyone – be it a boob / bottle or a 3 course cooked meal (not what you’re thinking – puree for the baby, cut up schnitzel n peas for the toddler and cold schnitzel and nuked vege for the adults) and it all gets a bit overwhelming (well it did for me anyways).

Everyone who is even slightly organised or who looks like they have their life together “meal plans” like seriously what was I missing out on here? Well…as a tired out of her head mum…I needed a plan, and a seriously foolproof one.

So my tip for you this week is to go buy the cheapest whiteboard about A4 size (Reject Shop or Kmart) and temp attach it to the fridge – put Monday to Sunday on it – then add in the meals ideas for each night…now when you write your shopping list for the week, you won’t mindlessly wander the aisles throwing stuff into the trolley you feel like eating and spend 3x your weekly budget without knowing why lol…or better yet order the whole lot online (in your pjs) and have it delivered when it suits you – the best service ever!!!

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