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Thermi – Butter Chicken

It has been so cold, wet and rainy lately that we were all in need of some comfort food and an early dinner, as the mini Royal thinks day naps are for babies and they’re getting a bit hit n miss around here (nooooooo).

Thought I’d make one of our absolute favourite meals from Skinnymixers – Butter Chicken! It is one of a very few meals that I can make – put on the table for the Royals and then sit back and watch them not only feed themselves – but often ask for more! If you haven’t tried it before it is a seriously amazing dinner, worth all the time and all the spices and lengthy shopping list if you like Indian food that’s a little tiny bit healthier and so much cheaper than a night out at your local restaurant.

I’m part of the Facebook Skinnymixers group, and I regularly read about people adding garlic naan bread to their Indian feasts – so with a little bit of extra time on my hands…I thought I’d give it a whirl. So after preparing all the butter chicken components…the chicken is marinating in the fridge, and it’s naan time – I used Lailah’s guest recipe here – so quick and easy but with SUCH good results I think it might become a firm staple in our house too! I made plain cheese and the cheese and spinach options for us adults as I wasn’t going to push my luck with too many green things on the plate with tired kids tonight.

An hour or so later (best to try this recipe on the weekend with a little time on your hands) the kids are freshly bathed and in their trackies (tip don’t put them in their favourite pjs before dinner unless you want a crying child because you now need to soak them after they spill food on their pants…it happens every time) sitting at the table waiting for dinner.

The kids set the table, got their own water bottles and are now not-so-quietly banging their mini cutlery on the table…the food is transferred all to the dining table and quickly devoured. The mini Royal didn’t take to the cheesy naan, but the older Royal – look out! Nearly a whole naan and a plate of butter chicken vanished – and thankfully not onto the floor! Success…I just need to know that at least one day a week I can make a meal that no-one complains about, everyone eats and they’re also happy to have leftovers the next day too *winning!

If you love Indian food…please do try the above recipes some time! We have also made the Quirky Cooking butter chicken which is definitely faster…but in my opinion doesn’t have quite the same depth of flavour as the Skinnymixers one – however the FB thermi community is strongly divided on this matter – so I’ll leave it there before I start a mini online war (joking)!

NB: Image courtesy of the Skinnymixers page


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