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Tiago Review

We have had such a good run of finding new local cafes and restaurants serving amazing food and coffee that Tiago Kitchen was high up on the recommended list – and we were surprised in all the right ways!

Unfortunately we were just too late for breakfast, but it wasn’t long to wait for the lunch menu and my goodness it all sounded so delicious! Whilst I was waiting in line to order…I was fascinated to watch them freshly grind and weigh every shower head when making coffees – that is some fantastic attention detail! And…as much as I wasn’t planning on having a coffee – how could you not, especially it after watching them put that much care into making it!

So a coffee for me, and I just had to try one of their milkshakes too – something
that resembled an apple strudel/pie/caramel overload without being sickly sweet and looks like something out of a magazine…yes you read that right, super delicious and presentation was on spec!

The other half was determined to try something called a Blue Smurf, and that sounded worrying but it was actually pretty amazing also. (We’re turning a blind eye to whatever makes things go electric blue). So this flavoursome milkshake comes out complete with an icing/giant sprinkles ring around the top, the most delicious chewy blue sweets (I wasn’t quick enough to nab one) topped with a generous swirl of cream and blue fairy floss…oh bring on the diabetes – yummo!!!

I was happy with a toasted chicken/cheese/pesto sandwich, and the Royals topped themselves up on nuggets and fries that were super fresh and crispy, plus they were generously sized for little tummies and washed down with a giant mason jar of fresh juice.

However the crème-de-la-crème of the table would have to be the meal that the other half ordered. The lovely girl taking the orders told me this was her favourite thing on the menu, so I figured we’d be in good hands…and you know what, she really undersold it. Crispy buttermilk chicken that’s been gently spiced and generously served on top of hot crispy waffles with a seriously addictive aioli style sauce drizzled over the top.

It was wow on every level – so much so, that we all got to have a small taste just to experience the intense deliciousness, and although these style meals are not usually my thing – this was absolutely a winner winner chicken dinner. It is a fairly generous portion that would likely feed two half hungry people for lunch, and might leave you enough room to try one of their awesome desserts as well, can’t forget about sweets!

So if you’re in the Joondalup area and can find a table (the place is pretty popular) definitely order a coffee, try a crazy milkshake and order the crispy chicken waffles – they are amazing! I can’t wait to find another free weekend to head down there again for another feast!

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