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Thursday – Coffee Break

Sooo it’s Thursday social day and we actually didn’t have anything planned, and the other half had a day off at late notice – so thought we’d go out for a quick cuppa to enjoy the sunshine before running errands. One of our new favourite places is just over the road from the great grandmothers’ house – so she came along for a quick coffee too!

It was so nice to sit back and enjoy the warm sunshine, a great coffee plus a cute little raspberry friand and the other half just had to have the “special” burger because breakfast two hours ago just wasn’t enough! The mini Royal enjoyed an Anzac cookie that was pretty big, but had no issues devouring that on top of breakfast a few hours earlier…I think the kids are growing again.

Figuring out our days’ plans in the sunshine does good things for the soul…I’m sure it magically drops the stress levels and releases endorphins sitting in the warmth, chatting idly about the ever changing to-do list whilst entertaining the mini Royal pointing out every motor bike and rubbish truck whilst demanding “more” snacks.

Anyways – off to the shops to restock the pantry – fill up the fridge with fresh goodness and hunt for some good fruit that’ll last more than a day in the fruit bowl (I did buy 7 bananas yesterday…and only have two left) but I’m not complaining that the family eats so much fruit –it’s the best and easiest snack food ever!


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