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Thermomixer Ideas

Now before you judge…I seriously thought that everyone that had one of these was a bit nuts in the head – like who needs to spend $2k on a kitchen appliance? Well believe it or not – hubby bought me one…I couldn’t justify the outrageous cost, I still can’t lol, but it has absolutely paid its’ way in our family…the machine is an absolute workhorse! My biggest gripe is washing the bowl because I need to make something else in it ha ha ha!

If you know someone that has one…why don’t you ask them to whip something up, something small, quick and easy such as some bliss balls or the smoothest white sauce or mashed potatoes you’ve ever had? I wish I had it with the mini Royal was tiny…puree would have been a dream…it cuts, cooks and purees things for you *gasp but just my luck that little monkey wanted whole soft foods instead, so in hindsight it probably only would have helped me a little in that department!

Disclaimer – thermal cooking is definitely not for everyone…don’t try (at least initially) to make your favourite dinners in it, I don’t quite know why, but they just don’t taste the same…so I highly recommend expanding your recipe base and finding new things the family will love eg Skinnnymixers, Quirky Cooking or The Road to Loving my Thermomixer (TRTLMT) or the Recipe Community recipes, there are sooooooo many out there to choose from.


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