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Time for Tea2

So normally we’d head out on a Thursday for a coffee and a playdate, but my head is still thumping…we’re down two boxes of tissues since last weekend and I just need a little reprieve this week! Don’t think it helps either that I’ve lost my voice – so telling off the Royals at the moment simply makes them laugh and frustrates me to no end, at least I know they won’t go far when we’re at home playing.

Picked up a few new tea’s last week…and I’ve been waiting for a nice cold day to try out a cup or two, and now the kids have grown accustomed to mumma making tea…it’s only right they want their own cups too! We bought them Keep Cups ages ago as their ability to put drinks down on flat surfaces was slightly lacking and mopping up their tea whilst watching mine go cold just wasn’t fun. So the Keep Cups have been fabulous, they last for ages, it doesn’t matter if they tip over (they leak slower) and the kids usually see and correct their cups before we lose the lot and a tantrum ensues.

So…there was a bit of a special on a T2 (join their Tea Society it’s pretty cool) with a buy 2 get 1 free deal on…and I had a free tea on my frequent purchases card – so I only paid for one and walked away with 3! Plus the mini Royal drank at least 5 mini cups of their pomegranate and Turkish cherry blend, so I felt like I totally got my money’s worth that day *snigger – it’s not the cheapest place to shop for tea but it’s one of my little indulgences.

The Crème Brulee smells amazing as you open the pack – a beautiful robust deep black tea with a touch of caramel and sweetness that gets up your nose in all the right ways…and that’s before you’ve even got the kettle on. I make it very weak for the Royals (because they don’t sleep anyways but feeding them caffeinated tea would be plain daft) but they love the smells and tastes of new teas, so I always let them have a try.

So I’ve just sat down and taken my first delicious sip, and I’m half convinced it’s a relaxant of some kind…because it feels like it transports me away from the craziness for even just a few nano seconds, it’s just revitalising for the soul!

I bought the China Jasmine green tea, Crème Brulee and the French Earl Grey – all of which I can say are absolute favourites and might not last long around here with all this cold weather and crazy kids running around, but it’s so easy to pop in and try some new blends I might go and visit again next week! Would love to know your favourite blends of tea to try for my next visit – always keen for suggestions…


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