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Stirling Miniature Railway Train Rides

Stirling Miniature Railway Family Train Rides

Occasionally FB brings up great local events that actually seem like the kind of thing our family would enjoy. Sometimes on these adventures its great fun and we have lots of laughs – other times we just pile back into the car and go elsewhere!

So the event was about the Stirling miniature trains day run down in Balcatta. The prices were very reasonable – with a family pass coming in under $50 for as many rides as you wanted. They also had a little canteen there which offered tea/coffee and a few snacks. However the best part was in the centre of the train tracks – there was a beautiful fenced grassed area that you could sit and enjoy a picnic in the shade of the big trees with your friends and family.

There were a number of train enthusiasts there – and I’m hazarding a guess that the trains they were driving were their own beautiful engines. There were gas engines, steam engines, coal fired engines and maybe even an electric engine (it was very quiet). Each of the engines carried between 2-6 passenger carriages behind them and although the line was long at times – it moved quickly and everyone was very patient!

I do suggest getting there close to their opening time as it was vastly more popular than I expected. By the time we’d had our first ride – the line was extending down one side of the walkway with no signs of slowing down. The Royals were absolutely loving watching the engines be refilled with coal and water as they changed passengers – and the drivers tendered their engines with such skill there was barely an issue all morning.

That said – the second train we tried to ride derailed only a short way out of the station (so we all hopped off and walked back). A few of the crew rushed over to help the driver, and together they walked/pushed it back to the workshop for repairs, much to the delight of the onlookers.

For a volunteer organisation of enthusiasts – they really do run like a well oiled machine. Between the lovely ladies serving in the canteen and selling tickets, to the train drivers, helpers to load/unload passengers along with the super passionate mechanics in the workshop area…it really was such a well organised morning!

So if you’re looking for a great family outing, don’t mind a few toot toot whistles by the trains, a bit of flying soot and embers – it really is the most magical morning out. Check out their Facebook page ‘Stirling Miniature Trains’ to find out when their next event is happening, then head along to check it out, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we all did! Love HRM


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