Social Day

Social Day – Welcome

Once a week I make an effort to head out of the house regardless of how many Royals are in tow, and find a nice café and sit down for a coffee n watch the world go by…there’s something so calming about taking the time to stop and relax – watching everyone else’s mayhem whilst someone brings you a coffee (and muffin/cookie/baby cino/banana bread) and you (almost) get a moment of peace.

So today is about getting out of the house, go and try that new coffee shop that you’ve walked past a handful of times and looked at wistfully! Making the effort to throw on some mostly clean clothes, tidy up the mum bun, and don’t forget to change out of your slippers. Packing the kids into the car and getting out the door regardless of the time of day is always an achievement – but allowing yourself a few minutes to sit whilst someone else bring you’re a hot beverage is so worth it…so save up your pennies and try your darndest to squeeze in some coffee time each week!

Disclaimer: some days I only made it half way around the block before I’d return home defeated from the screaming child/children…but keep trying! Some days are just better than others – you know that song – I get knocked down…but I get up again…well that’s motherhood in a teacup!

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