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Skinnymixers Roast Pork Belly

Skinnymixers Roast Pork Belly with Caramelised Apple Sauce

Who doesn’t love the idea of a nice juicy roast for a Sunday dinner? With a bit of luck there will be some leftovers for lunches during the week. Or if your house is like mine, the juicy pieces of pork will get continuously taste tested until there’s barely any left for the next day!

Now I have to admit that the idea of trying to get the ‘crackle’ perfected nearly put me off even trying this dish – but it was so worth it, and everyone loved it so that’s a win from me.

The Skinnymixers website has a similar free recipe – which I’ve heard is really good as it has been popular for years. However the new and improved all-in-one meal with the caramelised apple sauce was a pretty amazing touch of genius!

So I managed to procure a nice kilo pork belly roast for the thermi, and prepared all the other ingredients, I was a little worried about cooking anything that long in the machine, but it handled it like a pro, and before I knew it…it was time to transfer it all into the over for a quick crisp up in all the right ways!

Now there are lots of hints for getting the port crackle just right…I read them all – dried that pork skin to within an inch of its life and rubbed salt into the carefully carved scoring. I even considered getting a hair dryer out to make sure all the little cracks were dry but after much laughter – I was told that was overkill…and just to throw it in and hope for the best!

So I popped it into the very hot oven and if I do say so…it was looking pretty amazing, little bubbles on top…roast vegies underneath getting a little bit crispy, and a salivating other half asking every ten minutes if it was ready yet!

Quick Tip: for those of you with family that eat a lot of vegies – whilst the pork is cooking in the thermi – take the opportunity to roast some extra vegies in the oven before you turn it up to lava temperatures – otherwise the portion might be a little small (well it was for my family).

Now there probably should have been a large portion of steamed green vegies to go with the dinner, but I spent too long watching the crackling. So with only a few minutes to spare – I quickly put on some frozen peas and corn on the side instead, oops!

For all parents out there – serving new meals for dinner is always a bit of a touchy subject – and as long as the Royals try a bite, if they don’t like it then they don’t have to eat anymore. We usually keep a backup option (leftovers) or toast available if necessary but tonight – I only had to cook one dinner!!!!!

Almost all of the Skinnymixers meals have been a hit with the family, and their favourite meal is still Butter Chicken (I tried to sub it out for Apricot Chicken last week) but tonight was a win. Will certainly be putting this one on the rotation every few weeks (there are so many yummy dinners to choose from).

Suggested Beverages:

If you’re looking for a nice drop to enjoy with your meal…can I suggest a good old fashioned Pale Ale (eg Little Creatures) or an IPA if you prefer. Should you be more partial to a bottle of vino – a toasty Chardonnay will go down a treat or if you prefer a red variety, why not try a bottle of pinot noir and enjoy a glass or two whilst you cook.

What’s your favourite kid-friendly Sunday night dinner? Is it a good old fashioned roast with baked vege or have you got some other great ideas to share? As always, I would love to hear them! Love HRM

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