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Skinnymixers Bacon and Chive Quiche

Skinnymixers Bacon and Chive (plus vego version) Quiches

Yet another fabulous recipe from the new HMIII book by Skinnymixers that I was so keen to try, but kept putting it off because it used cottage cheese.

To give you some background, many years ago we joined a gym that gave you a free 21 day meal plan. You know, that would assist you to shred those stubborn kilograms and help you tone up blah blah blah (you heard this one before?). Anyways we fell for this one, hook line and sinker. So, like a dutiful little housewife – I took the shopping list to the local centre and bought up the ingredients for the first 7 days. Unfortunately it involved a LOT of containers of cottage cheese, think like at least one tub each per day. Needless to say that ‘eating plan’ didn’t stick and I still can barely look at cottage cheese the same way ever again!

However Nik at Skinnymixers is definitely a bit of a wizard in the kitchen, so I thought I’d put aside my previous grievances with the ingredients and give it a go. I will say that I was pleasantly surprised – however a major fail for me was that after doubling up the recipe to make both vegie ones for me, and bacon flavoured ones for the rest of the family…the Royals turned up their nose and even the other half wasn’t impressed.

How was it possible to fail so catastrophically? Well in all honestly – none of our family eat quiche regardless of how you fancy it up. So I was already in for an uphill battle however I figured there’s no harm in trying. I really enjoyed eating them, so I popped my leftovers in the fridge and decided to freeze theirs – moving on!!!

Some days a fail like this in the kitchen when I’ve lovingly shopped, cooked and researched fabulous new healthy recipes for the family…can really upset me. I remember doing a bit of stomping around in the kitchen muttering not so sweet nothings. That was until the oldest Royal said quietly, ‘we’re sorry we don’t like your food mumma, I know you really tried’ and at that point…how could I possibly be mad anymore.

Not everyone is going to like everything that you make. Kids in particular are really quite open about their love or dislike for a new snack or meal, where as adults are often a bit more subtle in their criticism and feedback. You really need to have tough skin being a parent and I’m still only in the early parenting years – send me much strength when they grow up a bit more and the hormones begin – yikes!

Until then, I’m just going to keep creating and making the healthiest food I can get into them and worry less about their requests for cookies at every meal. Love HRM

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