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Honey Mustard Chicken – Skinnymixers Style

Skinnymixers Honey Mustard Chicken – (Healthy Mix III)

How many nights do you get home late, really want to put something nutritious on the table but can’t be bothered cooking? Yes, well you’re definitely not alone!

Sian from the Skinnymixers team has recently put together a list of dinners you can put on the table in 15 minutes or less! Are you feeling tempted? Well you really should be, because based on the ones we’ve tried so far – they are all really good!

Tonight the eldest Royal really wanted to make dinner/help with making dinner – so I cut the chicken and put it in a bowl. Other than assisting with getting down the spices and reading out the quantities and method – I can’t take any credit for making dinner tonight.

The youngest Royal proudly measured out the rice and water for the rice maker (albeit on the floor) but with minimal mess. I plugged it in…followed by ‘I do it, I do it’ to depress the button to start it cooking (insert eye roll here). You know, I never really thought about how freaking exciting buttons were before I had kids. The toaster/kettle/dishwasher/dryer/washing machine/coffee machine are all amazing machines, that must be turned on/off by said Royals at every allowable opportunity!

So the Thermi is doing its thing making dinner (it’s a two-step process) and there’s a flurry of plates and cutlery making its way onto the table – demands for ice water and plastic cups being proffered plus I even got to sit down on the couch for a few minutes!

Literally 15 minutes later – the Thermi is dinging (insert ‘I do it, I do it’ voice again) to turn off the chime – and after transferring everything into Thermoservers and carrying it to the table…dinner is served!

Now you can most certainly bulk up the meal with a big bowl of steamed vegies, however I had some leftover sweet potato mash, and added a quick bowl of peas to serve. I really love those nights where you only have to make one dinner and everyone is happy!

The eldest Royal was over the moon with the showers of praise for making a great dinner, the other half was excited that food is ready as soon as he’s home from work and I got to (almost) have a night off from the kitchen – absolutely winning in this house tonight.

Still need to follow up on the house elf I ordered from a few years ago though…the one pot washing up took me a whole 2 minutes, plus an extra couple of minutes to wash the boards and put the ingredients away. Ahhh if only cooking was this easy every night!

I can’t tell you how much we’re enjoying the new Healthy Mix III at the moment! We still make a lot of the free recipes from the Skinnymixers blog, but getting another great quick easy and relatively healthy meal into our meal planning rotation is always good news!

Hope you’re feeling inspired in the kitchen tonight, otherwise here’s a good idea for tomorrow night in case you needed one! Love HRM

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