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Skinnymixers Apricot Chicken (a modern version)

Skinnymixers Apricot Chicken (it’s not what you think)

Many years ago the other half offered to make Apricot chicken for dinner –sounded like a good idea at the time, however the flavourings came out of a ‘Chicken Tonight’ jar and good gracious…that’s not a flavour I could ever get used to!

To say that I’d been avoided said flavourings for dinner ever since would be an understatement. We never ate these kind of foods growing up – my parents were a bit more au’naturale when it came to serving up dinners and one pot dinners and stir through sauces were only discovered when I moved out of home and wow there are some weird and wonderful flavours out there!

So the new Skinnymixers Health Mix III has a recipe for Apricot Chicken – and I’d pretty much dismissed the page without a second thought when the other half decided it might be nice to give it a try. So next trip to the shops I bought all the ingredients and crossing everything that the Royals would at least try it, got started on making dinner.

After reading plenty of slight fails whilst making the sauce I double checked everything – and quickly realised how easy it would be to overlook the measurements and end up with far too much liquid. Potential crisis averted – I thought I’d take advantage of the extra all-in-one meal option (who doesn’t love the least amount of dishes) and poured it all into a BIG pyrex dish and into the oven to cook.

Now even thought my faith was low, my hopes were high and being a Skinnymixers meal – it had to be pretty good didn’t it? Well I’m pleased to say it actually was – we bulked up with chicken and added the rice underneath, and it was surprisingly good!

So don’t let memories of your family’s packet mix Apricot chicken skew your thoughts – this one is a very tasty tribute to an otherwise overused option that feels like it was straight from the 70’s. This one subtly packs a tasty punch that even the Royals enjoyed!

Beverage Suggestions:

Now before you laugh and say at least three fingers of your finest Irish whiskey to wash it down with…there are actually a few good pairings for this dish. A crisp pear cider would certainly compliment the caramelised apple sauce, a generous glass of Viognier if you’d prefer a wine or a heavy wooded Chardonnay if you’re really keen. Personally I think it would go nicely with a bottle of champagne, something dry to cut through the mild sweetness of the dish – but whatever’s your favourite really.

Hope you’re willing to give it a go – would love to hear you/your families thoughts on this version (if you have the book) if not…hit up the Skinnymixers shop here to grab your copy! Love HRM

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