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Slow Cookers

So I bought two slow-cookers – big ones that make enough food to feed a small army (people pop in to see you and the baby at the most inconvenient times and you often feel obliged to feed them)! Or get a big freezer and arm yourself with 50 of those Chinese takeaway containers from woollies – then you can make up spare meals for the freezer on those CBF’d days…you know what I mean!

Rookie mistake – use a permanent marker to write what’s in the containers…I defrosted what I thought was cauliflower soup for lunch the other day…fail, a big bowl of béchamel sauce! Guess what we had for dinner that night!

Pro tip – if/when baby has a morning nap…nuke coffee in microwave and prep dinner now! Baby can sit in a bouncer and watch you shower, but holding a screaming baby and trying to cut the skin off a pumpkin can be downright dangerous. Don’t worry about uniform chunks of anything – rough is good, let’s call it rustic even…almost sounds a bit fancy! Then when arsenic hour starts, hubby gets home – the house smells amazing – there is some sort of nutritious dinner available and you can hold/feed/bath/change/feed/burb/and play pass the parcel with the baby whilst you eat your dinner during the evening hours.

I’ll share some slow cooker recipes with you all next week…my last slow cooker dinner wasn’t one of my best meals…you know when the other half is full after half a bowl it isn’t great ha ha ha…so will take pics of a good one and share it with you all soon!

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