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Rainy Playtime

I’ve been working on some rainy day entertainment and activities to share…but between wake-ups and folding washing piles I still haven’t had a chance to finish it (yet) but thought I’d share what the Royals have been up to this week for a laugh!

So, what do you do with kids that have had colds, are still recovering and are unhappy that you’ve been keeping them at home so they don’t spread germs?

Well, you rug them up in shoes and gum boots n jackets and mittens and let them play outside! Let them ride their bikes in the sprinkling rain, run into each other with the peppa pig umbrella #alwaysbuytwo and forget to wipe down the slide before they polish it with their now soggy bums!

We bought the Royals a big trampoline for Christmas last year (yes I’m aware that kids aren’t meant to use them until they’re at least 16 and the one person at a time rule is not enforced purely as we couldn’t fit more than one in the backyard and it’s not feasible to make them wait turns to use it) I know, I know…I’m playing with fire!

Anyway – the fun part about the trampoline is that the shade cover collects a bit of water when it rains, then as the wind blows…it randomly bathes whoever is under that section at the time! A bit like a good old fashioned dunking really…but for some bizarre reason it’s the best fun. Heaven forbid I wet a face or an ear in the shower or bath with warm water…but a cold dunking on the trampoline is acceptable? Well maybe during summer I’ll turn on the hose and let them bounce and wash at the same time…hopefully they still think its’ fun when it’s not mid-winter and mumma is stressing they’ll catch an even worse cold!

We also have a big sandpit outside which is well loved and we incessantly remind the Royals to keep the sand “in the sandpit” until it’s so wet they sit on the bricks next to it and make tea and cakes for mumma with the soggy sand and put it literally everywhere… There are also multiple dump trucks that the Royals use to transport all their precious sand cakes and mud pies to the outdoor couch and back again…however between the paving, plus their terrible steering of the trucks…it almost always results in a rollover, thank goodness for wide brooms and pressure washers!

There was a number of big downpours earlier, and all the dimples in the driveway were full of water…so it was back to splashing with their boots n brollies at top speed! That is until the little Royal decided it was time to bum jump into the puddle…cue said child now wearing a wet 5kg nappy that just inhaled the puddle and then crying because the puddle is gone! The little Royal almost doubled their dry weight and surprise surprise, still most certainly does NOT want to get changed!

Omg and it’s still 5 hours until bedtime #sendwine or #espressomartinideliveryrequiredplease ha ha ha, just another fun afternoon with the Royals.

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