Finding Your Mojo in Winter

What is it about winter time and making everything feel so much harder? It must be something to do with the shorter days, darker mornings, and everything being so damn cold!

My motivation really takes a dive during the winter season too, I feel a bit like I want to hibernate away from the world in my nice warm house, but instead I’m sitting outside watching the Royals ride around on their bikes in my puffiest winter coat, whilst fighting tooth n nail for shoes to stay on the Royals’ feet!

Making time to get out and exercise is so important and I find if I schedule it in for a set time, then I’m much more likely to get out and about. I might however, turn off my early alarm and rollover for 5 more minutes though if the sun is still hiding, I’m not really a morning person but I keep trying! By laying out your exercise clothes next to the bed ready for your half asleep morning self is always a good way to encourage yourself to get going!

My struggle at the moment is getting up early, even when it’s dark and cold and squeezing in some exercise. When it’s light and bright during summer I love getting out before it get too warm and going for a brisk walk through the local national park or a training session at the gym. Then I’m back before the Royals are even up and the day is started.

I miss that highly motivated person…the one that has already pre-thought most of the morning queries and has answers ready, lunches packed, leftovers and homemade baked goodies ready to go and a hot breakfast for everyone served up before 7am…where did that fabulous mumma go?

You know what, she got tired and needed a break! Doesn’t help I’ve been fighting the flu I’m pretty sure has turned into something else, which has really put a dampener not only on my mood, but getting the heart rate up when you can’t breathe is a recipe for a coughing fit disaster…not a fun time.

So I’m cutting myself a break for another week or two to give my body a chance to get better – I’m putting a date on the fridge for my new D Day and I’m going to make it happen, who’s with me???

Let’s dust off those walking shoes, the gym pants, sports bras and waterproof mascara (kidding…seriously who has time for makeup that early in the day) and let’s make some new positive changes. If it takes 21 days to form a new habit, I’m keen – how about you?

What’s stopping you getting up half an hour early and doing a quick work out before your shower, going for a walk, quick weights session at the gym or even just a walk on the treadmill? Come on my favourite people…it’s time to move that body!!!

So…what should we aim for – a three week exercise improvement schedule? A 28 day move your body and healthy eating challenge? I don’t think that 7 days is long enough to do any real good – and no, losing water weight isn’t a real positive in that circumstance. So please share your thoughts below – what you think would work best for you?

Perhaps the 21 day challenge would be good – just long enough to retrain that brain to start to enjoy the benefits of exercise (don’t cry just yet) and some normal but healthy eating tips that you can actually put into your week without having to spend all Sunday in the kitchen cooking (unless of course that you love to do that) just find whatever works best for you. More real soon, can’t wait! Love HRM

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