Mothers Group – Kids Birthday Party

We went to a combined birthday party for the youngest Royals’ mothers group over the weekend. We hired out a local café that’s not usually open on a Sunday where they have good coffee, fantastic cupcakes, and a great area indoors for kids to play including a reading nook plus a sectioned off area with lots of clean toys and an indoor sandpit. There was lots of space for us to stand around and chat whilst still keeping close eyes on the kids. It’s so refreshing to hang out and talk with other mums that understand exactly what your week has been like – teething kids, winter illnesses, cabin fever and hearing about some of the mums juggling work full/part time plus a busy household and other kids is seriously eye opening!

It’s such a lovely group and regardless that we’re all from different backgrounds with great/little/no family support – these women kind of become your second “family” and are often the first go-to when you have baby queries, need a favour or just an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours…so if you have the opportunity to join a local MCHN mothers group – even if you don’t get along with everyone in it – just try it out and see, it’s definitely made my motherhood journey a lot more fun!

So what is a MCHN mothers group – well, when you first take your baby home – your hospital advises the local Child Health Nurse…who gets in touch within a few days for a visit and to check on baby. They also encourage you to attend regular appointments at their clinic to review milestones (with the help of the “purple book”) and they’re also responsible for running a community mothers group for 4 weeks (usually starts 6 weeks after your baby is born) to encourage new mums/mums with new bubs to connect and it also provides some good information during those sessions to help you navigate your motherhood journey.

I also joined a MCHN mothers group after the first Royal was born, and I still catch up with a few of those mums each week – and once or twice a year all twelve of us make an effort to go out somewhere and have a dinner/drinks out (now without the kids) and enjoy conversation about things other than poop and being newborn-exhausted…it’s so worth making an effort even though I know you really don’t want to right now! Trust me – it’s worth it!


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