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The Masterclass Pack

The latest cellar purchase

Sooo, I happened to be scrolling through Instagram the other day and saw via Artisans of Barossa – that one of my favourite winemakers John Duval (ex Penfolds Grange winemaker) had put together a six bottle masterclass pack.  Included were six autographed bottles of the ’08 ’09 and ’10 vintages of one of my all-time favourite red wines Eligo – a shiraz full of finesse and elegance along with the power of the best Barossa shiraz grapes.

 Pre the Royals I would have bought it without a second thought – but now we’re operating off one income we have to be a bit more selective with our cellaring purchases, but this offer was just too good to ignore. So a quick call to the other half and thankfully, he was more than happy to agree.

Collecting wine is one of my favourite pastimes and sadly I’ve done very little of it between pregnancies and feeding the Royals for the last few years. However there’s no time like the present to get back into doing what you love!

So let me introduce my latest wine fridge-inductees: John Duval Eligo ’08 ’09 and ’10 vintages, two bottles of each, signed by the winemaker and delivered in the most fantastic wooden case…such a gorgeous way to present these beautiful wines.

One of the most important parts about buying and cellaring wine (other than having somewhere to store it) is to record its details and the ideal or peak drinking time. Now I was in such a mad rush to purchase the bottles, I didn’t follow up the recommended cellaring times…so that will sadly be lacking from this review – but I’ll update with the details as soon as I receive them! From what I was able to research briefly online – it seems like 2024-2037 are the ideal drinking years but that span feels a bit too broad for my liking, hence I’m chasing up more detailed info, hopefully from John!

I’ve linked the tasting notes for each of the vintages from John Duval’s website:

John Duval 2008 Eligo

John Duval 2009 Eligo

John Duval 2010 Eligo

Should anyone have one of these bottles – I’m told that decanting at this age isn’t required…the wine will gracefully open up in the glass on the 2nd and 3rd pour and the evolution will unfold (sounds magical doesn’t it) which makes me wish I had a glass of it in my hand right now!

However it will probably be a few years before we open one of these bottles, but I’ll update with full details, pictures and the feast that it’s served with in good time.

If you collect wines – I’d love to know what app or program you use to store all the information from purchase date and prices to tasting notes and cellaring times? I thought I had a great one, but the last update made things a bit wonky and there’s so many hours and details in it, I’d hate to lose that history. So if you know of or have used a fantastic program – please comment below to share your suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

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