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Magic Chicken Pie

A number of years ago I was browsing half-heartedly for new recipes that were easy to make, tasted good and weren’t too unhealthy. The other half was the proud owner of many of the meals from the 4 ingredients books which is a fantastic method if you really don’t know how to make food – but it’s not necessarily the cheapest or healthiest way to make dinners every night.

On my travels, I found a website called Destitute Gourmet and I thought…that sounds like its right up my alley! Who doesn’t love to eat gourmet food on a budget that still tastes great? Honestly there are some incredible people out there whipping up meals, parents stretching dinners, bulking out meals, keeping the budget lean whilst still getting a thumbs up from kids…sounded a bit too good to be true, right?

Well…I thought I’d have a go at the Magic Chicken Pie considering I had all the ingredients at home – and you know what, it’s been a firm family favourite ever since. It’s easily adaptable if you have little hands that want mini pies in muffin tins or haul out the pie dish for a very fast and cheap dinner – or adapt away into sweet potato mash on top or cauli mash for those low carb people following along too. I used to make 4-6 pies into ramekins with pastry tops – and the other half would happily take one along for lunch the next day as they’re really good cold with sauce on top!

The lady behind Destitute Gourmet is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, and after making a few free recipes from her blog, I bought her cookbook to add to my collection (yes I do still love paper cook books) and most of them have been a great success.

So if you need a budget friendly idea – that’s conventional cooking (with most of the ingredients you’ll likely have on hand) that are fabulous tummy filling flavours that are also light on the hip pocket – why don’t you try the Magic Chicken Pie recipe this week!


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