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Mediheal Lip Magic Patch

So I bought this one because who doesn’t want plumper and more kissable lips? This is a hydrogel lip patch that looks like a photobooth prop sized set of lips. That said, it actually goes on much smoother than I would have expected – and covers the nice soft skin around your lips too which is an added bonus.

Good luck getting it out of the packet in one piece…I initially took out the white plastic section and tried to separate the hydrogel from it…but it turns out the hydrogel bit was still in the packet (insert eye roll) anyways – I eventually got it out, placed it gently on…and sat quietly for the next twenty odd minutes catching up on the news next to the other half in bed – who got a right shock when he asked me a question (I didn’t reply) so he turned over to see my lip patch in place (horrified face) and I smiled a tiny bit and had to reposition it coz I giggled at his reaction…first world problems right there!

All in all it was a really nice quick lip mask – my lips certainly felt more smooth and hydrated in the morning (well all day actually) and for around $3 each I recommend throwing a few into the shopping basket (maybe buy a few for your bffs too) – and buying a front door mat that says – please hide packages from husband!


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