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Library – the hidden gem

So…you’re looking for some places to go out (preferably free) to entertain your gorgeous little dribbler that won’t mind when they randomly scream and have the attention span of a gnat? There’s this magical time at most local library’s called Rhyme Time where one of the library staff sit in the kids’ corner and read out loud a big board book, sing songs and encourage your kids to move/dance along to nursery rhymes for about 30 minutes or so once a week, that’s just plain fabulous!

I’ve been to quite a few, firstly just with one Royal and then with two (slightly more challenging) but they both had a good time, and the format is mostly the same. I also found the other regulars predominantly mums, although there were a few dads and lots of grandparents that came along. Also they didn’t look down their nose at you when you rocked up late/looking slightly scruffy/rocking the three day mum bun! Everyone shuffled round and the kids all had a good time together – so if you can’t find one in your local area, please ring your library and ask if it’s something they offer…you might even make a few new mummy/daddy friends out of it too!

Now that the Royals are a bit older, we’ve joined the local library so they can borrow books. Wow, you haven’t seen joy on kids’ faces until you tell them they can take a book home with them (after being told not to touch and put it back whenever we’re out shopping) I’m sure it’s a welcome relief for them too!

So every other week we head across to the library and return all our old books, and then the Royals make a beeline for the kids area to go and choose some more. There are puzzles and reading nooks, big snuggly teddy bears to sit next to and puzzles on the table plus all the books at their height ready to peek through. We often spend an hour or more flicking through books, hunting for books on dinosaurs (or robots last week) or fanciful stories about other countries – which they both love…on repeat.

The other half and I enjoy the reprieve from reading the same books to them at home, most of which we can recite off by heart, not that we ever mind…reading to kids is SO good for them. I have very fond memories of my parents reading me chapters of Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton, and flicking through the pages of many other books until I learned how to read, so I really hope the Royals get that same love of reading that I had from an early age too!

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