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Iluka Foreshore Adventures with Friends

We’ve finally had a few days of the most beautiful weather – clear blue skies, slightly arctic winds, but it’s still been so nice to get outside and let the Royals run around and burn off all that energy they seem to have an abundance of!

I was reading on a local group page, about a park that has open space for kids, a small pirate ship and a good dose of sea air. But wait there’s more – they even have a food and coffee truck there on Friday/Saturday and Sunday mornings! (Going to assume it’s a seasonal thing thou).

Welcome to our little adventure today to Iluka Foreshore – on a last minute whim I messaged a friend to see if they’d like to bring their kids along for a play. As luck should have it, they were just about to walk out the door to their local park, but jumped in the car to come and join us instead!

Iluka LookoutWell I don’t know how we haven’t been here before – but what a terrific spot! There are a big set of stairs leading up to a great lookout complete with railings with the dunes fairly close below I wasn’t stressing the Royals would fall off (for a change). Plus the open green area and the play equipment – who could ask for more?

Quickly grabbed a coffee from the Iluka Foreshore Park Food Truck (check them out on FB) before following the kids between the play equipment and the open space as they kicked and chased a ball and a Frisbee around for ages, so we actually got to chat and drink our coffees in peace, winning!

There were lots of kids around so I didn’t take too many pics whilst we were there, but I’d highly recommend a visit and a catch-up. Maybe even a picnic using the supplied bbq’s would be a great idea too! There’s lots of shady areas, and pretty good visibility through the whole park area from the middle should you have kids that love the swings versus running around with their friends on the grass.

The Iluka Foreshore Park Food Truck had a pretty great selection of breakfast foods and some specials which I’ll definitely be back to try another day. There are lots of options including lots of breakfast burgers or wraps (GF options too) including a vegetarian option or two. There was also Nutella flatbread with fresh strawberries/bananas on the menu, so it certainly sounds like a fabulous place to grab a quick snack whilst chasing the kids around on such a bright sunny day!

There’s also bottled juices/water, icy-poles, fresh muffins, chips (in packets not the hot kind, although I think that would be an awesome addition) and coffee…hot or iced and pretty good too! Now if only they’d serve vino come lunchtime I think the park would be permanently full! However that’s just wishful thinking, so we’ll just enjoy their snacks and coffees and be happy with that!

Please note the park is situated along the coastal path and there are plenty of people with prams/scooters/bikes and lots of pets (all on leads) in and around the park area. For those of you with pets that love a good bit of fresh air, it looks like it’s a great spot to take your dog/cat/turtle for a stroll.

Parents: just a heads up in case your little ones aren’t too fond of any four legged friends, unfortunately there were plenty around. However, all the owners today were super vigilant and there were very few barking or unsettled dogs which was a huge relief. Unfortunately the Royals aren’t that fond of dogs just yet, but we’re working on it!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine, feel free to share your weekend adventures below or some ideas for other local adventures for us too – we’re always looking for new parks and activities for the Royals! More soon, love HRM.

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