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Hunter and Barrel Restaurant Review

We randomly had a beautiful sunny day appear on the weekend, and thought it’d be such a nice idea to head out for lunch together – so off to Hunter and Barrel at Whitfords it was!

Although the wind was still piercing cold, it was so lovely to sit outside in their wrought iron chairs and listen to the live music playing in the courtyard area. There were still plenty of people wandering around eating Bagels and soaking up the sunshine and even though it was busy…it didn’t feel crowded and was a great opportunity to just sit back and relax.

The staff appeared with colouring in sheets and pencils for the Royals to keep them entertained whilst we ordered drinks and the kids meals straight up (best advice I’ve ever heard when dining at a restaurant) and gave us a chance to better review the menu. The chicken tenderloins were served quickly and were a good portion for small tummies, however I’d be likely to order a light meal for them next time if they were any hungrier as they ended up taste testing quite a few bites of our meals also!

The other half was salivating over the multiple meaty menu options and ended up settling for a rack of beef short ribs with BBQ sauce served with chips.

There were so many good options, but I ended up getting the Jager Chicken (usually pork) Schnitzel served with celeriac slaw, chips and a generous portion of mushroom sauce. Note – in case you’re NOT a fan of wasabi, the green drizzle on top of the celeriac slaw has got a bit of bite behind it…the type that tickles your nose and makes you want to breath fire for a second or two…still super delicious though!

I really wanted to try the Hunters Feast but we really weren’t hungry enough to justify all that food so we might take some friends along next time and get it to share a few more ways! I also saw the Char-grilled pumpkin served at the table next to us which looked super delicious, so that’s going on the list for next visit too!


We’ve had the skewers from here before and whilst they are delicious (similar to Hippo Creek style) it’s not the easiest meal to navigate whilst helping the Royals eat their meals, and the temptation to swing the skewers would be far too high…much safer to have our meals served on plates today!

The only downside to the menu would be the distinct lack of vegetarian options – there is one vego skewer and a bunch of sides that you could order to build a meal, otherwise it might be best to try one of the other restaurants with more options close by.

Drinks Menu

The drinks menu is a pretty awesome selection of barrel aged spirits, craft beers and wines and they turn them into a fabulous collection of cocktails plus tasting plates of bourbon and whisky flights that should impress the pants off most of your liquor loving pals!

The wine list has a few standout bottles including the Smith and Hooper Pinot Grigio and the Vasse Felix Classic Dry White Sav Blanc/Semi both at a reasonable price per glass. The Yalumba Old Vine Grenache is also a nice bottle from the Barossa Valley plus The Slaughterhouse Shiraz by Heathcote from McLaren Vale is also a great bottle but perhaps for a special occasion considering the price, but definitely don’t let that stop you!

Dessert Options

I wish we had room for dessert too – the Apple Skillet Pie I’ve had my eye on for a while, but then I get carried away and there’s no room to fit anything else in! Maybe when the Royals are a bit older and will sit still for a bit longer, we’ll make more of a lazy afternoon of it, rather than the dine and dash (not literally, we always pay) that seems so common when you’re going out with little ones.

Hope you’re had a lovely weekend with your family and friends. Love HRM

PS: If you can’t get a table at Hunter and Barrel, or are craving some fantastic pizza or pasta (I hear the gnocchi is amazing) why don’t you read our review about Dough Pizza a few doors down – you won’t be disappointed!

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