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Skinnymixers – The Healthy Mix III Book Launch

For those in the Thermomix and thermal cooking community – there’s been quite a bit of hype on Facebook and Instagram about the latest Skinnymixers book release The Healthy Mix III.

The Skinnymixers shop opened up at 8pm Adelaide time yesterday to a hoard of eager buyers all vying for one of the first 200 signed copies available. For those not lucky enough to get through in time, Nikalene also promised another random 200 signed books will be selected from any of The Health Mix III books sold during the presale period (pre 13th April) so everyone (at the time of writing) is still in with a chance!

The book has over 30 healthy and simple family friendly meals that have built in variations to cater to many dietary requirements such as dairy free, gluten free, low carb, nut free, egg free, plus low calorie, low fodmap and even options to keep the paleo people happy too!

I’ve read a few posts about paypal struggling to keep up with the payment volumes during the launch, and the delivery company Sendowl was a bit slow at getting all the e-books though, however there were lots of fabulous Skinnymixers’ team online ready to assist with any queries, which I’m sure was greatly appreciated by all those new to the Skinnymixers book release madness.

With the e-books immediately released to eagerly waiting buyers – it wasn’t long before the Skinnymixers Facebook community was being flooded with so many of these new amazing creations being shared and celebrations shared all around.

Unfortunately the Royals are VERY light sleepers, so there was no grinding of nuts or high speed mixing going last night, however I did manage to whip up a quick PB&J slice this afternoon to try out at least one recipe within the first 24 hours of owning the book – and my goodness it’s soooo good! There’s not even any refined sugar… so the Royals had as many bites as they wanted and they still went to bed on time, wooo hooo! Can’t wait to make the Lemon Tart and Honey Mustard Chicken tomorrow!

Now I wonder who was channelling their internal Willy Wonka vibe when they decided to include 7 elusive Golden Tickets to join the official Skinnymixers Recipe Testing Team in the HM3 books?

The Golden Ticket is an amazing opportunity to assist in creating the Skinnymixers magic – by helping with the testing and tweaking of potential new recipes for the next upcoming books, it is a coveted position indeed! I also think it’s a fun and fabulous way to invite additional thermal cooking enthusiasts to the team!

So the presale is open until the 13th of August and the physical book copies start getting shipped from the 15th of August, so if you haven’t already purchased your copy there is definitely still time.

There are loads of free recipes on the Skinnymixers website should you need convincing of how fantastic these creations really are, and there are now seven books in the collection that equally pack the most incredible taste sensations you or your family have ever tried.

Forget trying to recreate your everyday one pot wonders, and welcome in one of the best thermal cooking creators of the modern age into your kitchen, your family and your tummy! Love HRM

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