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Wine (Whine) Day Catchup

Edwards Wines – 2008 Shiraz

Both the other half and I have been partial to a drop/glass/bottle or more likely a case or two of Shiraz on our travels, down south in Western Australia, and we’re particularly partial to the Barossa Valley wines too.

About a million years ago – I used to work in hospitality and one of the “perks” of the job was getting to taste the wines on the menu so we could better upsell them to the clientele and sound like we knew what we were talking about. So I blame my refined palete on the early introduction of good wines paired with mouth-watering meals, which effectively meant I missed out on the cheap goon bags at parties…instead bringing along a nice bottle of Marmaduke or an Art Series to a house warming to share with friends.

I love a good champagne, an occasional glass of white, a crisp cider here and there, but the majority of our cellar is full bodied shiraz, GSM’s and the occasional Tempranillo. On one of many trips down south to Margaret River – we stopped off at Edwards Winery to taste the new releases and were pleasantly surprised to find a Shiraz we both enjoyed. We also bought a case of cleanskins – I’m going to hazard a guess that they’re chardonnay (it’s been a while since we’ve opened one) that sat in our everyday rack and has been enjoyed over the last few years by many friends and family too.

This bottle was opened for a bit of a special occasion…it’s cellared beautifully and although it’s not due to drink til 2020-2023…it was already such a nice bottle, it was tough to stop at just one!

James Halliday gave it a 94/100 and I really have to agree with him on this one! From memory 2008 was an exceptional year for Shiraz – I know a lot of our other collectables are from the same year, and it appears the wine community agree.

So if you can lay your hands on a bottle or three – I highly recommend drinking it with a good old fashioned Steak, some slow roasted crispy potatoes, buttered greens and good company. Enjoy!

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