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21 Ways to Fill up Your Cup – Busy Mumma

Ahhh so the day is done and the air is quiet…and you’re alone and at peace with the dishwasher doing its thing, maybe even listening to the tv in the background, the dishes staring at you and still, you just curl up on that couch and relax a little. The washing will still be there in the morning, the piles of clothes and plates just keep multiplying and you know what – that’s ok too, you can always catch up tomorrow or the next day.

So its super easy to zone out for a couple of hours, tune into the Bachelor, catch up on some tv or binge some Netflix – and you should!!! Enjoy your little bit of peace and quiet and do something, nothing or somewhere in between – you really deserve it!

But let me ask you this…what have you done for yourself lately to fill up your cup? As mummas and parents we spent literally all day running around and filling up lunchboxes, snack plates, water bottles and making and remaking cups of tea and coffee…and it’s really really hard to prioritise ourselves.

So whatever time you normally go to bed (no judgement here) we all stay up a bit later than we should…holding onto those precious quiet uninterrupted moments where we can do things without scanning the room for each child every four seconds and focus.

How would it be if you went to bed half an hour earlier than usual – and you know, had a bath, put on a facemask, washed and blow-dried your hair (if your children sleep like the dead or your bathroom is soundproof) or put on a meditation and just took a few moments to destress? Sit with that tiredness, the aches in your feet, your scratchy eyeballs, the list of a million things that are screaming at you to do them first…and turn them all off. Just – be – you…just for a few minutes. Leave the phone by the bedside all ready for the morning – and just climb into bed and power down your brain for sleep.

There are thousands of ways to calm your brain-cells before bed, processes you should follow and don’t forget your (insert latest craze here) to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep – but in reality…there really isn’t much that helps to calm the mind unless you make a conscious effort.

All the studies about blue light and artificial lights messing with our natural circadian rhythm are all pretty much on the money – but we still have to live in the reality that we have, and make it work the very best we can!

So what do you do to wind-down? How to do fit in a little bit of self care? How do ensure that your cup is full and ready for the day tomorrow?

I fully appreciate that most of us just get up and keep going because that’s what we do – however, how nice would it be to do a little something of what we love?

Here’s some suggestions of little things that might help to recharge those batteries running on empty;

  • Paint your nails, or let your kids do it then do the dishes in hot water and they’ll come good – strange but it works
  • Go and visit your local Korean beauty shop and buy a small collection of masks – they’re quick, fun and totally make you feel fabulous! Most of them are very affordable too!
  • Go for a walk/run/ride/check the letterbox and enjoy the sunshine/snow/wind that embraces you outside
  • Go to the gym (if you enjoy it) and give those endorphins a run for their money
  • Phone a friend/your mum/dad/gran or even your bestie for a chat
  • Meditate or listen to a guided app to chill out your cells
  • Try a local yoga centre (don’t give up if you don’t like the first one you try there are LOTS of different styles)
  • Go to the beach, dip your toes in the sand and the water even if it’s chilly and let the negative ions from the ocean recharge you
  • Go out for a coffee/tea and a treat BY YOURSELF – or make a thermos and sit outdoors somewhere nice and enjoy the serenity
  • Shut the door and pee/poop by yourself for a change
  • Buy yourself some new perfume
  • Restock your make-up even if it’s only from the supermarket or chemist
  • Start a new journal – check out The Happiness Planner or bullet journals
  • Take up knitting, croqueting or weaving on a loom
  • Buy yourself some new knickers – they really do make you feel like a million bucks, and they don’t even have to be expensive (who would know anyway)
  • Go to the library and let the kids borrow 9 books and get yourself 1 as well!
  • Take up scrap-booking or some other crafty lick n stick idea
  • Check out apps to learn another language such as Dualingo, there are great easy to learn sessions and you might even surprise yourself (great prep if you’re planning a holiday to that country too)
  • Put a post up on your local mother’s group/community page inviting everyone to the local park for a play on the weekend for a few hours – you were planning to go anyway but the more the merrier at the park right?
  • Check out The Meetup website or app – there are SO many like minded people looking for new people to catch up with for thousands of different interests, definitely worth a quick read!
  • Last but not least…just be you – you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything if you’d prefer to curl up on the couch and not talk to anyone for a few seconds/minutes/hours – you fill in the gaps, you know what you love to do, so just do it!!

I really love to sit down with a cuppa and read a good book, but I really haven’t been in the mood to read for ages. There’s something about borrowed time and my to-do list eating me that means I tend to put myself last. Next thing you know it’s too late (or too early) and I’m too tired or busy thinking about the next day to bother.

Oddly enough I also love to write, though I’m only recently rediscovering my ability to put fingers to keys and share some of the marvellously crazy thoughts that go on inside this head of mine – nothing ventured, nothing gained so here it is!

Would love to hear your thoughts and self-care ideas, I’m always keen to hear your suggestions and reviews on things you love too! Love HRM.

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