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Father’s Day Celebrations

What a fabulous day to celebrate all the wonderful men and fathers in our lives, not that I think we needed an excuse! However, sometimes it’s nice just to focus on them and be nostalgic for a few moments.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have some strong role models growing up and to always have been included in activities regardless of the fact I’m female. There are many fond memories of helping to change the spark plugs on the family car, learning how to windsurf, climbing trees and riding bikes here, there and everywhere that definitely make me feel like I never missed out.

I don’t think it’s until you are a parent that you actually realise just how much of a challenge it is to raise little people. From the demands of a baby at birth to changing bums, cutting sandwiches the right way and tying up shoe laces – there are so many things that we learn (or re-learn) together with our kids.

It must be so tough for dads when kids cry and want their mumma, and still you do your best to comfort them, wipe away their tears, fix their scrapes and bruises and encourage them to get up and keep trying when they fall off… Forming that relationship with kids early on that you’re simply ‘there’ for them is just so vital!

I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a good hubby and father for the Royals! They are always playing together, running around the house screeching like banshees, playing hide and seek, badgering me to make cupcakes and generally just having fun. That said, when the eldest Royal needed to have a cannula put in for some tests – the other half was there holding hands, shushing and keeping things calm and distracted to make everything go as smoothly as possible!

I love that we have a similar approach to looking after and raising our kids, as I know so many couples clash over different parenting styles and thinking that the way they were raised is just how it should be rather than querying the status quo. We’re probably seen as being a lot softer on our kids because we pick them up ALL the time, carry them when they’re tired and comfort them whenever they are feeling sad. It’s hard being a little person and learning to navigate all these huge emotions and we both try really hard to help them learn without judging their behaviour and understand why they might be feeling this way. Anyhow I digress…

The Royals made breakfast for the other half this morning, they got to decide what they wanted to make – and did almost everything to get it ready. They fought as to who was going to make the coffee (so it had two shots and hot milk) the toast had a small bite missing, and at least $7 worth of butter on each slice, but the eggs were flipped to perfection – drowning in tomato sauce smiley faces, and the coffee was still warm-ish and strong! They were so incredibly proud of their hard work, and they were literally grinning for hours asking if that was the best breakfast he had ever had!

It’s definitely a far cry from the cold vegemite and marmalade toast I used to make with a cup of lukewarm tea and a flower sans-stem hastily picked from the garden outside to make it look all fancy!

We gave the other half a Minipresso coffee maker for Fathers Day (read more here) and the eldest Royal very proudly bought him a new coffee cup with a lid (think travel mug but better) complete with Worlds Coolest Dad written down the side…and I think our hearts all burst in unison when he got to open that too, such a thoughtful and useful present!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful day today, celebrating, hanging out, making fun memories together or just being downright spoilt! Doesn’t matter if it’s with presents from the shop, a DIY project/craft/leaf/rock/beetle the kids have found for you or a carefully crafted gift that you’re been wanting for ages.

Maybe you just got to hug your gorgeous little (or not so little) kids today – there’s nothing like having their arms wrapped around your neck to make you feel special! And for those of us without our father figures or significant men close, or for those who are no longer here – an extra special hug to all of you. Although our parents may not be in our arms – they will always be in our hearts, together forever and always. Love HRM

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