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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Has anyone thought about Fathers’ Day yet? I’m a bit of a planner and organiser at heart, so I try to stay ahead of the game so I’m not playing last minute catch up at the shops the night before, with overtired kids and trying to be all covert and failing (sounds a little bit like Mother’s Day Eve doesn’t it) ahhh you have to laugh!

Each year we have a bit of a chat about how much play money we have to spend on presents such as mother’s day/father’s day, family birthdays and a Christmas budget too. We run a fairly tight ship so it pays to be organised so we can still afford nice things with a little bit of forward planning!

So this year we set the budget at $100 which gives us lots of wiggle room for gifts but I’ll include some of our low cost/no cost ideas we’ve used in the past too.

One of the coolest ideas I’ve ever heard about Mother’s or Father’s day is to buy a nice journal, and instead (or as well) as buying a card each year…do something cool such as put the kids hand/foot prints in there, a small craft item or let the kids write their names or a note…and you use the same book and add to it each year! Simple, super cost effective and sentimental in all the right ways.

Handmade cards and crafts are pretty amazing too, even if you’re not feeling creative – fold over a piece of card and let the kids draw to their hearts content with stamps, paint, pencils and crayons and you have a beautiful and unique piece that will hopefully melt their daddy’s heart.

Hallmark and other commercial makers and artisans also have the most gorgeous cards – and their heartfelt words can often convey how I feel about the other half better than I can dream up in the wee hours after everyone is sleeping and I’m rushing to get to bed. Any effort is worth doing, even if it’s on the back of a napkin…it’s truly the thought that counts! 

Now the other half is into gadgets, so buying him small presents is never hard, however buying him the thing he wants that week…well that’s always a bit fun! I went out of my way one year to buy him a Leatherman…only to find out that he’d done some more research after we spoke, and would have preferred some different brand…sometimes there is just no winning!

He also loves the outdoors and rock climbing so accessories for that such as these chalk bags have been a winner in years past. This year however he’s been absolutely raving about those handheld coffee machines…I mean we have a perfectly good coffee machine at home, a zillion Thermos’s and Keep Cups, a Jetboil and coffee making accessories in the car – but he didn’t have one of these things.

So I set aside an evening when he was out and got researching, and I lost quite a few hours checking out SO many different options, but I came back to the one I started looking at – a MiniPresso. It has different models with the option to take coffee grounds or pods, and considering he’s often places without a lot of water for cleaning up afterwards – I bought him the pod option just to make it easier.

I’m not even going to try and explain in detail how it works – but in basic terms…you put a coffee pod/grounds in one end, you add hot water in the other section, then screw it together tight and start pumping over your mini cup to get an espresso.

I went to BCF to touch and feel a model to make sure they weren’t flimsy or likely to break after a few uses and I was actually pretty impressed! I also ended up ordering the carry case to protect it (just in the budget) and even got free shipping online! I ordered it through as they had a wealth of knowledge and information and better yet, they had good prices and great reviews from other happy customers.

Delivery was super quick, but the other half just happened to be home when the driver dropped it off and he was desperate to know what was in the box! So I may possibly have told him it was a bulk face masks order which quickly lost his interest thank goodness…crisis averted!

I’d love to know what your thoughts are for buying your other half’s presents in the last few years – some people are SO inventive and thoughtful and I always love hearing new ideas!

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