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Sunday Night Fake-Away

Sunday night fake-away!

So we’ve been away for a few days down south (more on this later) where I planned, cooked and made almost all of our meals. Then we got home late this afternoon to a thousand loads of washing, bags of food and pantry staples to put away, plus the desperate need to clean my car!

Anyway, it’s late afternoon – the family is hungry, and I needed something for dinner and fast…but we’re really trying to avoid take away and junk foods. So I looked up a quick pizza dough recipe (there are no-rise options) and decorated it with leftover sandwich meats. Had a quick look in the fridge for the remnants of/returning slightly squashed veggies all finely diced up, plus a lonely can of pineapple from the pantry and voila!

Within half an hour we had the most fabulous homemade pizzas – and I think if I had of transferred them into boxes before putting them on the table – no-one would have known they were from home. For once my pizza bases were soft and light and fluffy, crisp on the outside without being burnt and the toppings beautiful disguised under a thin layer of cheese.

The youngest Royal only ever eats pizza crusts but actually said ‘thanks for a yummy dinner mumma’ (and ate more than one slice) – so that’s about the biggest win I’ve had all week!!!

If I had of known how quick easy and simple it was to make amazing pizzas I really would have made them sooner. Literally throw all the ingredients together, knead for a minute then roll out and top with whatever leftover tasty things you can find and 15 minutes later, it’s time to eat!


Here’s the recipe I used, you can make 2-3 good sized pizzas from one batch if you want them thin, however I was a little too generous on my dough portions and it was divine but a little too thick crusted for my liking. The royals ate the whole pizza, with barely a peep out of them. If you do make too much dough, you can always freeze the leftover portion in cling-wrap and defrost when you want an even faster option for another meal.

I don’t know if they were extra tired from all our travelling and adventures from the last few days, but the Royals even went to bed a little earlier than usual so that’s two wins today!

Hope you’ve all had fabulous weekends wherever you may be. I highly recommend a weekend away whenever you can squeeze it in. There’s something so refreshing about breaking your ordinary routine and getting out and about in the countryside or exploring somewhere new. Must book another adventure soon! Love HRM

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