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Gold Collagen Eye Patch Review


Featuring my latest purchase the Gold Collagen Eye Patch I bought this little beauty (actually two of them) because you could park a boat in the depths of my bags right now…and I needed something to make me feel good and hopefully make a bit of a difference and fast!


Now I know I’m probably not going to be popular, but turn on the tv or grab the ipad and pop on the Kids ABC app for 20min so you can relax and mask away your blues…I mean bags. Well this is a quick fix to pep up those exhausted under eyes – yes it’s all good grabbing out the war paint n concrete mixer to fill in the trenches…but let’s throw a good bit of hydration into the mix first!

Ok first up, don’t stress about the fact that the whole back of the packet is written in the Korean Alphabet…take it carefully out of the packet (it’s a little bit gooey but it’s fabulous…rub any leftovers on the backs of your hands) and take one side of the clear plastic off – and gently place it on your eye area as per the pic on the front of the pack. Then repeat with other eye and discard the other plastic – you should now look slightly c3po mixed with honey bee – don’t fret…just chill whilst the mask rehydrates your tired skin and makes you feel a little bit magical again.

You can purchase these from Skin Goals Co online (website coming soon) or eBay for about $5.00 each but they do go out of stock really quickly as they are such a nice quick pick-me-up you might want to buy more than one!

Time to check some Facebook/E-mails/sit on the toilet in peace…and before you know it: 20 min is up! The playschool episode is over and it’s time for a quick episode of peppa pig/bananas in pjs/similar so you can remove the patches – gently pat in the excess serum and throw on whatever makeup you can get away with! I always try to moisturise (with sunscreen) and find a quick flick of mascara and eyeliner cheers me up – takes the attention away from under my eyes and makes me feel half right again – now go get them mumma!

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