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Donut Decorating and Dinosaurs

As most of you will be aware, it’s school holidays right now…so just about everywhere you look there’s loads of energetic kids and toddlers being pulled along by tired parents looking for entertainment for their wee angels for a few minutes so they can drink their take away coffees in peace.

  Some friends of ours mentioned they were going to do some donut decorating at Krispy Kreme with the kids…and perhaps I was whispering too loudly when asking the other half if he thought it was a good idea to take the kids along…and the eldest Royal overheard and 3 minutes later tickets are booked and the morning was planned!


I’m not quite sure what I expected for a Donut decorating date – but we were each given a hat and a box of two donuts and ushered into a room complete with at least half a dozen different toppings in the middle…and let loose! There were coloured icings in every food colour number you never want to feed your kids and the cutest collection of toppings at the ready – and the kids were away! The other half and I shared our two donuts…and I may have accidentally decorated half of his as it looked too plain *insert sheepish look here* but they all looked very creative in the end. They recommend from ages 4 up and I do understand why, but with a little help you could easily take a child a little younger and just help them with the toppings and they would be a very happy little super hyper child just like mine!


Now I promised if the Royals were well behaved, we would go up and see the Dinosaurs on display in Whitfords and eat some donuts…thinking to myself – it was during the week, not even 10am and still pretty cold outside, so I thought we would have the place to ourselves.

Well, I don’t know what planet I was on…the outside area was jam packed with mostly mums with kids climbing up and over everything to take pictures with the dinosaurs (spoiler: they all roar/make noise and a few move) but you’ve honestly got more issues trying to keep eyes on said children or take a photo without 14 other little cuties in the background/foreground/in front of your child…well you get the idea. So we did the only sensible thing there was to do, and left for the food court to drink our coffees and eat our spoils in the semi-quiet.

On the way out I noticed dinosaur fossil digging and colouring in and a few other small activities which looked like good fun, but it was also super busy so we grabbed a few things we needed and escaped – back to the quiet of the car and home. Great albeit short morning out – but the kids enjoyed themselves, now I’ve just got to build an obstacle course to help them wear off ALL that sugar so they don’t drive me crazy all afternoon…wish me all the luck!


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