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Digital Detox

What does it mean to have a tech break? Is it ignoring your mobile and blobbing out in front of the tv…well not quite! Imagine there was a power cut and even the mobile phone towers were down for at least the next hour or two…what would you do?

Are we addicted to tech, well unfortunately – unless you live in a cave, you’re probably fairly heavily reliant on tech whether you like it or not, it’s just become a part of our everyday lifestyle. Sure we can try and keep things to a minimum, but it’s really a challenge to function without an e-mail address or a mobile phone at the very least regardless of how young or old you are!

So then, how do you think it would affect you to take a break…for an hour/two hours/half a day/a whole day? What would you do if you didn’t have e-mails to check, messages to return, social media to review and on-demand series and movies to watch?

(Insert sounds of crickets here) just kidding…although initially it’s a bit of a lost feeling, you’ll quickly find other things to fill the time you would otherwise spend online. It might even give you the chance to catch up on a few things at home or head out for a walk and listen to the birds for a change.

We spent SO much time plugged in, racing from one place to the next, listening to our sat nav, getting reminders about our appointments and what time we need to leave – that we sort of forget that it’s as much about getting somewhere…as it is about being there. I know, it’s probably a bit deep for this time of the day, but I’m going there!

The IN thing at the moment is to do a digital detox challenge…can you put your devices down for one whole hour…I mean really? Why should that be a challenge, isn’t that just the norm…apparently not.

One of my favourite sayings is that about a mobile phone – when you answer it…you could be absolutely anywhere in the world. My goodness you can even make phone calls on some planes nowadays! Heaven forbid they put mobile receptors in the London Underground…people are forced to talk to each other, listen to music or ride quietly to their destination – what a novel idea!

So I’d like to encourage you to put down your phone/tablet/laptop for an hour tomorrow, then the following two days for two hours each day…pick a time that’s suitable by all means (not whilst you’re asleep) and see if it changes your thought patterns. Maybe it will remind you of something you really enjoyed doing before getting lost (regularly) in the black hole of digital land without really meaning to over-and-over again. Let’s call it an experiment rather than a challenge (unless of course you’re a millennial and then hell yeah it’s a challenge…first one to touch their phone buys everyone a beer) ha ha ha!

I think the whole FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is marketed to us all so hard, that we apply it to everything in our lives…does it really matter if you’re not the first to read the news that a Kardashian has hooked up/had an affair/broken up with/insert latest scandal here???

What’s your favourite digital-free way to recharge yourself? I love to get outdoors, go for a brisk walk and get my lungs pumping – the endorphins recharge my soul and my legs feel all the better for powering through a few hills followed by a hot shower – it’s the simple things…

I hope you take the opportunity to try out your own digital detox – go and enjoy a quiet walk, lay down for a nap, sit outside in the sunshine/snow/beach/mountain/dirt and just breath it in…your body will feel stronger for it – and although the tiredness will seep in as the stimulation levels fall, maybe you will realise that you did just need a mini break to recharge your cells.

Please share/comment below how you felt after having a few intentional hours away from all your tech! I’d really love to know if it did change your thinking, whether or not you tried doing anything different/outside your normal routine, and if it changed your level of happiness…

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