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Delamere Park Currambine

I’m really enjoying the winter weather warming up a bit more, and having lots more days of sunshine interspersed with a few days of rain instead of the other way around!

We have some friends that we try and catch up with every week or so to let our kids burn off some energy together and the mummas’ get to sit down and enjoy a coffee/tea and share our highs and lows of the parenting/working/daycare/school/job hunting/ground-hog week!

I was searching online for a new park to try and buggybuddys had listed Delamere Park up in Currambine that ticked most of the boxes. It looked fairly quiet, coffee shop just across the car park, toilets on site and a bit of nature play mixed in with the traditional climb/slide/see-saw options, plus a big patch of grass to run around the kick the ball!

On the down side, it’s close to a fairly busy road behind the shopping centre and unfortunately there is absolutely no shade. Definitely not a great option for when the sun has been out for a few hours as the kids wouldn’t be able to use most of the equipment, but it’s a great spot for a cooler day.

We were there for a good few hours with the kids, and there were only a small number of kids who came for a play during that time, but plenty of people walking their dogs (all on leads) around the grassed area which seems like a popular spot. There’s a drink fountain and spot for your pooch to drink also and the park area was very clean and well maintained.

The nature play area was pretty fun with some big stilt type poles running through the centre which we helped most of the kids have a go at. There’s also a rubber matt wobbly bridge and two wooden creatures that were ridden and climbed all over with the most hilarious animal noises to match. I just love it when kids use their imagination to play together – be it getting chased by dragons or the latest Paw Patrol episode being rehashed again and again, they’re outside and having fun which is always good!

They had a few semi buried fossils, sand stencils and smaller play equipment in the toddler area which the kids thought were lots of fun. There’s also lots of limestone walls for parents to sit and keep an eye on the kids which is always nice. I’m sure that some parks forget that it’s nice for the parents to get to sit down once in a while (not on the ground) lol!

It’s also in a great location if you have some cranky kids that need a bit of a run/burn off some energy before taking them to the local Farmer Jacks/shopping centre for the weekly food shop…personally mine just need to be fed snacks non-stop and we all get out alive!

Will certainly be back before the weather gets too warm, great spot for a quick play – hope you and your kids enjoy it as much as we did! Love HRM

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