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The subtle art of communicating with one’s other/better/worse half…before you start snorting into your morning coffee, hang in here with me – it actually might help!

A quick tip from years of frustration around the house – if you sit around waiting for the other half to notice that something needs to be done, you’ll turn into a fireball and explode.

I am the organiser, the event planner, the holiday and appointment scheduler and the financial brain – and he is my rock. He’s always happy to help but it often feels like he walks around the house with dad blinkers on coz he would rather step over a toy 10 times than think about picking it up.

Most of the time we divide and conquer – I send him in the direction of a room, tell him what needs to be done and we put heads together an hour later with a coffee peace offering.

There is something therapeutic about cleaning and tidying things up (well for me anyway) and I’m a bit particular about what goes where “a place for everything, and everything in its place” that I struggle to delegate, however I’ve had to make peace with his standards if I ever want any help getting things done. That said – and I’ve got to give credit when due…he’s actually not too bad, sure the forks and spoons aren’t all lined up by size in the drawers – but they’re in there, the dishwasher is emptied and the kitchen benches have reappeared and now smell like Spray and Wipe!

So top tip for the week…forget about being subtle, tell your other half exactly what you need them to do, then leave them to it! Try your best not to criticise their efforts and acknowledge they at least tried, and maybe with a bit of encouragement and praise, they will even get better, laugh as much as you want…because for us, it’s actually true!

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