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Brickman – Lego AWESOME

The Royals (well encouraged by the other half) are a bit crazy about Lego/Duplo…so when I read about Brickman coming to Perth – I had to check out the tickets and they were surprisingly not too expensive! It cost us about $80 to go on the Saturday morning, plus parking at the PCEC which is ludicrous but convenient! (I did also read that if you’re free during the week *but not during school holidays* that adults get entry at kids prices, so if you have a little free time midweek, that’s a good saving!)

We arrived a little early, but couldn’t understand why there were SOOOOO many cars in the carpark – and braced ourselves for an elbows out, pram plow style event. But then we started to notice some people walking around in costumes, there were a lot of Spidermen, Harley Quin characters, Jokers, Batman costumes, Japanese anime and many more amazing costumes – then we realised we were at the wrong entrance and they were in fact all lining up for the SuperNova event! Insert massive sigh of relief, the Royals both had wide eyes moving through the crowd…then down the end we saw the “Awesome” signs – we were there!!!

Brickman is a Lego certified master builder…and he has brought some truly amazing designs on his tour…with the highlight in his words, is the 7.5m NASA rocket-ship! We were pretty amazed at most of the pieces (personal favourite would have to be the Dr Who Tardis) but the Icebreaker RSV Nuyina and the 797 dump truck were pretty incredible too. The other half was intrigued by the Harley Davidson model – which would seriously have taken some engineering masterminds to get all the bricks to form into the shapes required for a motorbike, very impressive! There are lots of Lego bricks and wheels and interesting shapes to play with and make models of while visiting (please don’t take them home) and take photographs with. Plus there was a big “snake wall” where you use 1×1 blocks and small base boards to write a Lego letter, then add it to the wall! The Royals had such a good time choosing the colours and HRM might have also had a bit of fun helping out too!

 I won’t spoil the surprises for all the different models – but I will tell you this…Mr and Mrs Awesome Lego figurines are hiding all over the Lego models…I believe there are 31 to be exact, can you spot them all? Mrs Awesome has red hair and they both have stars on their shirts and we saw them hiding in some really amazing places *spoiler alert – check the alligators mouth! Fun note – the alligator is called Gertrude!

There is a retailer selling a wide range of Lego/Duplo on the way out (they even have THE Millennium Falcon that is sold out everywhere for sale) but bring the credit card and a pram if you want to carry that one home!!! I may have had to drag the other half out begging to buy it (it’s nearly $1500) but at least for once, it wasn’t the kids trying to buy everything on the shelves!

Hope you and your family, friends and kids enjoy it as much as we did – it was a great morning out in the city!

Event Details: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 23 June to 22 July see link for the rest of the details

Please note this is NOT a sponsored post – we just went because we all love Lego!!!


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