Wine (whine) Day

Wine (whine) Day or Book Club for Posh Parents Welcome

It’s the end of the week, huh…well, what difference is Friday to every other ground-hog day at home raising kids – well I’ll tell you what. Hubby comes home less stressed as he’s got two days off (most of the time) there’s no kindy/daycare/school/lunchboxes to deal with and take away (or fake away depending on your budget) sounds freaking perfect right about now.

What goes better with an easy dinner and a relaxed hubby – wine/beer/gin/scotch/bubbles or a crisp cider…or if that’s not floating your boat – a hot cup of something relaxing from the tea chest/first box that falls on your face when you open the cupboard should do just as well. There is something nice about a little bit of adult time with a glass of something calming that seems to make things feel a bit easier/not so bad/refreshed so you can do it all again tomorrow… However nursing a hangover and looking after the Royals (who miraculously wake extra early those days) is worse than stepping in doggy doo, so I do enjoy but not toooooo much or I really feel like I pay for it in spades…and for days!!!

It’s also nice to connect even if it’s just a “cheers” with your hubby and 10 minutes of adult conversation that’s probably about poop/silly things the kids did/rant that your gf didn’t reply to your last text message etc that’s the highlights and the download of your day/week! Sometimes it’s just about putting down your phones and listening that makes all the difference – it can be damn lonely at home when you’re used to a busy office and corporate conversations…so please give your lovely an extra few minutes, it really does mean the world to us.

Oh yeah lets not forget Bookclub – well it’s a fantastic idea – but honestly who has time to read a book or watch a movie once a month, I mean it’s almost a laughable prospect at this early stage of parenting – and no, reading the back of the shampoo bottle or a muesli bar box doesn’t quite count, but a page of something that interests you here and there is great – no pressure, I mean it’s been a long whilst since I’ve actually finished a book.

I’ve started a lot of books, even joined two book clubs and then realise that I can’t keep up with their outrageous schedule of reading one book every month before catching up in the *gasp* evening or better yet with the Royals in tow to discuss at a park/picnic to discuss the narrative. Because we all know how relaxing it is to discuss a book in detail whilst chasing two small children that are hell bent on running the opposite way to each other and jumping off the highest things they can find!

If it’s not for you right now, just enjoy a beverage instead – the book club will be waiting, and there is no rush. Or better yet – how about this can be your new book club, where everyone’s welcome just as you are, no books will be required and there no discussions on narrative unless you want to!

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  • Pam

    This is a very positive chirpy sort of writing style, I like it!! It’s descriptive and means your brain has not died. It means you haven’t given up on thinking frivolously, living frivolously, and even sometimes when you can’t get out and about, being able to think positively just makes for a happier day. This writing sounds buoyant and hopeful. This attitude towards life, within the confines of a young family, is honorable and this mother ought to be praised for chattering away, fancifully, creating moment to moment energy to survive parenthood.

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