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Blacksmith Cafe – Mums Group Catch-up

One of the big drawcards for mummas and parents with young kids is for a café or restaurant to have a safe place for the kids to play/run around/sit with their little friends – close enough so you can see them, but far enough away so that you can drink your coffee/tea in semi-screech (quickly check it’s not your child, sit back down)-peace.

Blacksmiths’ Café is just fabulous – a great cake fridge with lots of options at the front – then if you walk all the way out to the back area, there’s lots of tables, plenty of sunshine, a big sandpit for the kids and a mini kitchen area for them to play in together. Huge bonus also – it’s fenced in so you don’t have to worry about them escaping for a few minutes!

The Café was pretty busy for a weekday morning but the staff were great. They offer full table service, and even though there were kids running everywhere outside – the food and coffees all made it safely to us, and quickly too!


There were lots of fabulous choices on the menu – the fruit toast looked amazing and was a generous serving of 3 pieces served with (I can only guess) a delicious jam, as one of the kids was busy eating that off their fingers, and even put a little bit on their toast!

Most of us had either the poached eggs on toast – which were beautifully done, soft and yokey with brilliant yellow centres, or the Smashed Avocado (yes I know the cliché) but my goodness they were fantastic – just look at the picture! Wish I was that creative for any of the meals I make at home – and seriously wow flavours too!

The coffee was really good as well– strong enough to wake up the brain cells, not at all bitter and the large was a perfect mumma morning size cup! The pots of tea were served on wooden boards in a perfectly quaint teapot complete with a straight wooden handle and tiny spout, albeit slightly impractical if you’re nursing a babe – but that’s what friends are for!

We also shared a serving of hot chips for the kids (what kid doesn’t like chips) which were cooked to perfection and deliciously crisp. Made from skin on potatoes thickly sliced served with a strong garlic aioli that probably won’t make you too popular when you get home – but well worth a taste! Most of the kids has babycinos too – served with a big marshmallow on top and for only $2 that was a great option for them too.

I also saw the salmon benedict served to another table close to us and had instant food envy, so that will be on the top of my list for next visit!

Highly recommend a visit complete with your little ones – the sandpit was a great source of entertainment for the kids, there were lots of toys to share and many sand pies and birthday leaf cakes were being shared and (pretend) eaten which was really lovely to see.

Now they don’t do split billing, but they will allow you to pay for your own meals/drinks if you’re on a big table which is an absolute blessing. Particularly if you’re 100 parts disorganised and are lucky to have turned up with matching socks and shoes on all your kids feet – never have cash or the right change, and can’t add up to save yourself (they will lend you a calculator). Absolutely nothing was too much trouble!

Great location with street parking close by (mostly all paid parking unfortunately) but in such a good location with Rochelle Adonis and the Mary Street Bakery just a short walk away, plus lots of other fabulous places to look at along Beaufort Street so don’t fret if you have to park and walk to get to the café, it’s worth it!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did, will definitely be back there soon and will bring the other half along as I know he’ll enjoy their great food and coffee too!

NB These guys are into supporting local legends – like Wanneroo free range eggs, Holy Bagels, Princi Smallgoods and Tobys Estate coffee, so let’s do our bit and support them too!

Check out The Blacksmith Cafe for more details.

Closed on Mondays, Open on Tues-Sun 7:00am – 3:30pm

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