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Kids and Smarty Cookies

A spontaneous family morning out and we thought we’d go and visit one of our favourite new café’s…but after peering in the jam packed windows as we drove past, we changed our plans and went looking for a new place called Avoka that I’d heard about multiple times but had never gotten around to visiting.

Trying to find a café you’ve only heard about in a suburb you probably don’t know as well as you thought you did, was a bit comical…but we eventually found the right spot, and although busy with people enjoying the sunshine and coffees, there were still tables free and we even got to park close by!

Our first impressions were pretty good, the staff were all really friendly, and the specials board caught the other half’s eye as we arrived…so the family settled at the table whilst I got an order sorted.

Now there must be something about kids and brightly coloured smarty cookies…so cookies were on their way, warm milk and juice…fresh juice for the other half and I needed coffee…alllll the coffee, and a cute little cupcake and the breakfast special!

Even though the café was busy, everyone was so friendly getting coffees sorted and bringing out delicious food to tables around us, and I was really impressed at how family friendly it was. There was a gorgeous little baby having coffee with her mumma, and even though she was a bit unsettled, no one was annoyed in the slightest! The Royals were super happy to see another baby close by (they’re not getting any more siblings so they have to get their baby fix by being cute and blowing kisses to random kids in prams) which was really sweet.

Now the other half loves a good burger, and to hear him raving after the first bite about how good this one was, is a pretty sure-fire sign he’ll be wanting to come back again very soon. The Royals loved their smarty cookies and coffee (aka warm milk…I’m not insane) so we actually got a few semi-quiet minutes to relax and chat which was a really nice way to spend the morning. The only semi-negative would have to be that the coffee although good…didn’t quite have the umph that my tired eyes needed, but that’s probably my fault for not ordering the large!

I highly recommend if you’re in the North Woodvale area and feel the need for a delicious burger, fabulous cupcake or a fresh juice/coffee – to drop in and get your fix!

Thanks so much for a fabulous morning, we’ll be back again soon!

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