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How do you like to be appreciated? Is it a nice bunch of flowers, a heartfelt card, some jewellery or a random message from a friend or your partner to tell you that they’re thinking of you?

Now I’m probably going against the grain here – but we don’t really celebrate anniversaries, we’re not that keen on Valentine’s day…but we do make a fuss at birthdays and Christmas so don’t feel too bad for us just yet!

However, we do celebrate un-anniversaries whenever we feel like it! Sometimes it will be a Sunday morning and we want to do something different, so we’ll pack the Royals in the car and drive in some random direction for an hour or so then start our adventure. Sometimes things are pre-planned and other times we literally make them up as we go along. Some days the Royals get to choose what we’re doing or where we’re going (99% chance it’s a park) and it’s nice to just do it instead of planning every single little thing.

Whenever we take a walk to the park – the Royals love to pick their mumma little flowers along the path (not in national parks) and collect rocks and sticks as presents for later… As a child you really do have nothing, there’s very little you actually own or are responsible for, and therefore it must be hard to give someone something that matters to you when you have so little to give (materialistically speaking). So we make a big fuss over the little things, the fact that they chose that particular rock/flower/stick or handful of grass – it’s precious, and we try our best to honour that as much as we can.

Let’s not forget our partners in this crazy world of ours – whoever makes you smile, holds you when you’re sad and shares in all your crazy ideas (you know who I’m talking about) yes them…how do we appreciate them?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday, the battle of groundhog day, the dinner prep, bath-time/bedtime and tidying up, that the quick hello n peck on the cheek becomes just part of the routine rather than giving them a few moments of your attention and saying something sweet! I’m really trying hard to improve in this area, but there are some moments that I feel like I’m juggling a circus cart of everything and struggle to lift my head up and even show my appreciation that they’re home.

Sometimes the extent of my appreciation is a dinner or a lunch that I know he’ll like (a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach still, right?) but I don’t know if they can see that sometimes – as I guess at the end of the day, food still fills the gap regardless if it’s taken you 5 minutes or 5 hours to prepare. That said – I’ll still make all the nice meals because I enjoy the smiles and getting to eat it myself!

So instead of buying your lovely the latest (enter latest wish list item here) how about a spontaneous adventure instead? Jump on a bus/tram/train/plane/car or go for a walk together – take the kids and do something different! Go make some new memories together, and don’t forget to make the effort to tell them how much they mean to you. Tell them that you appreciate all that they do for you, and hopefully they’ll remember to tell you the same…snuggle your fur-babies, kids, family and friends and tell them often too! Everyone loves to be appreciated and I really think we don’t sincerely do it enough.

So, if you had to write a list of the top three people you feel like you should appreciate more…who would they be? For me personally it would be my other half, my bestie and probably my mum, because she went through so much self-judging whilst raising me (I’m guessing here, but isn’t that what most mummas worry about) about making sure she was doing the right thing. She probably didn’t hear the appreciation and validation that she needed along the way either, but it’s never too late – even if they aren’t here, they are forever in your heart and are always listening. Love HRM

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