About Me

So – where to begin…who is the face behind the Half Right Mumma?

Until 5 years ago I was heavily vested in my career, working 50 hours a week, busy climbing up the corporate ladder and loving it. We then found out that we were expecting our first little bundle of joy (thankfully just one) and through a few ups n downs I happily announced to my colleagues I would be going on maternity leave shortly…to be met by almost disbelief!

Fast forward two years and we then welcomed our second babe and our family was absolutely complete. The adjustment to this new mum life and two children gig was a bit of a rocky road…neither of the pregnancies were easy, however nothing prepared me for this new juggle. I’d always worked hard, long hours, crazy requests from the boss late at night – but this was in a whole new league. These pint size Royals didn’t sleep from the get go (and still don’t but that’s a story for another day) and somehow your body learns to adjust to minimal sleep, a permanent mum bun and toenail polish that grows out rather than gets replenished at the salon every other week!

Anyhow I digress – somewhere along the path I got a bit lost…my identity became too much “mum” and not enough “me” and this is my journey to reclaiming my brain – sharing the ups n downs of my motherhood roller coaster, and hopefully helping and inspiring other parents that it’s not all poonami’s and vom fests – there are days of sunshine and roses too.